Kevin Federline Severely Damaged A House

By on May 5, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Kevin Federline's status as a "person you will definitely not regret entering into a financial agreement with" was further called into question recently, as he is the subject of a lawsuit claiming he caused $110,000 worth of damage to a house he was renting, in addition to owing seven months of back rent.

According to former landlord Joseph Malek, Federline moved into the Tarzana, CA mansion in 2008, trashed it, then disappeared, all without paying any of the rent he owed. So, for all you amateur judges and attorneys out there, here are some pictures of the "damage" he left behind (and some pictures of the house pre-Federline). Call me a K-Fed apologist but most of this doesn't look like anywhere close to $100,000 in damage. What do you think?

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