Britney Spears Will Make A Record $15 Million To Be A Judge On 'X-Factor'

By on April 11, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Pop superstar Britney Spears is evidently still able to rake in the big bucks if the deal she's said to be signing with reality TV competition mogul Simon Cowell is any indication. Spears is set to be a judge on the show X-Factor, which originated in the UK and is now seen on Fox.

Apparently both Spears and the executives at the FOX network have been negotiating for some time over whether Spears would be making her big return to the public eye on X-Factor. According to an industry insider, the "major sticking point" of the negotiations were the fee, which has reportedly been hammered into the aforementioned $15 million sum. Also included in the deal: Britney's soon to be husband Jason Trawick, who will not serve as a producer on the show.

That $15 million is especially impressive when you consider the context – Spears will shatter the previous record for the highest paid reality TV judge. The previous record holder is Spears' fellow pop star Jennifer Lopez who earned $12 million for her services as a judge on American Idol, another singing competition show on FOX. Here's an insider's quote on Spears' participation on the show:

"this is an exciting time for [Britney]. It'll be a fun project and she is welcoming the chance to mentor up-and-coming artists. She loves the idea of helping emerging talent get the recognition they deserve and is really looking forward to being on the show."

The insider leaves out the whole record breaking contract part, but it's probably safe to assume that it's also a big reason Britney Spears is excited about this new opportunity. And Simon Cowell – who as you might know doesn't have a reputation for being easily impressed, is also excited about having Spears as a judge:

"The fact that she's one of the most talked about—not just pop stars, but people—in the world today means that you've got this star power. She's still hot, she's still having hit records, and she's still controversial. There's a reason for that."

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