Alex Jones' Infowars Made A Disgusting Amount Of Money… According To His Own Accidentally-Leaked Text Messages

By on August 3, 2022 in ArticlesCelebrity News

As I type this article, conspiracy theorist/media personality Alex Jones is sitting in an Austin, Texas court room being grilled by lawyers representing a group of Sandy Hook families.

Today's trial is one of THREE that will take place to determine the damages Alex could potentially owe to the families of the horrific 2012 mass shooting. The families are claiming defamation after Jones called them "crisis actors" and referred to the shooting as a "false flag" operation.

They are seeking $150 million in damages.

We are at the damages portion of this saga because the families have already won FOUR defamation lawsuits against Jones. They won those four lawsuits by default after Jones failed to to present various required information and testimony in each case.

In determining damages, Alex Jones' current financial situation is certainly a top question in the minds of the jurors and prosecuting lawyers. As we stated a moment ago, the families are seeking $150 million.

An obvious question is:

Can Alex Jones afford $150 million?

According to Alex's own recent statements, one could infer that he is worth around $2 million at most and is basically bankrupt after spending millions on legal defense fees with millions more to come. Technically speaking, he has not personally filed for bankruptcy. Several of his companies have FILED for bankruptcy but those filings have not been affirmed.

In a response to a question from a juror in this Austin trial, Jones claimed that a $2 million judgement "will sink us."

On the other hand, Alex's own text messages paint a slightly different picture of his finances over the last several years.

We know what Alex was saying in his text messages because his own lawyers accidentally sent every text and email he ever sent in a several year period to the rival prosecuting legal team…

(Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images)

Here is the exact moment when Alex Jones found out from the prosecuting lawyers that his own lawyers accidentally sent a copy of every single email and text on his phone. It's pretty amazing:

$800,000 PER DAY

A message revealed by the prosecution on Wednesday reportedly showed Alex claiming that Infowars earned $800,000 in revenue on a SINGLE DAY back in 2018. Infowars generates money selling merchandise like brain pills, diet supplements and survivalist gear. Some of the products are apparently sold at a 100% markup.

Jones clarified that the $800,000 revenue day was an anomaly, having occurred during the week of the ultra-conservative CPAC conference. Perhaps most importantly, that $800,000 number contradicts the $200,000 single-day record Jones reportedly claimed earlier in the trial.

Even if we just use the $200,000 number, that's an annual gross revenue run-rate of…

$73 million

And that actually lines-up with other numbers that have been revealed during his various cases.

According to court filings in an earlier case, in 2019 Jones' conglomerate of companies generated $76 million in gross revenue. Furthermore, earlier case filings showed that between 2018 and 2021 alone, Alex personally drew $18 million in dividends and income from his various businesses.

If it's true that Jones' empire generated $70+ million in both 2018 and 2019, would it be safe to assume over the last several years Infowars has generated at least $150 million… maybe closer to $200 million?

And that's in the time AFTER he was de-platformed by Facebook and YouTube. How much money did Infowars earn in the preceding years?

After hundreds of millions in gross revenue and tens of millions in personal dividends, could Alex's legal woes truly have left him nearly bankrupt?

At the end of the proceedings Wednesday, the jury began debating the amount of damages it will reward. If the jury decides Jones owes "punitive" damages in addition to actual damages, a new separate trial will commence. This trial's purpose will be to determine Alex and Infowar's exact net worth.

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