50 Cent Claims He's Spent $23 Million On Legal Fees Since 2003

By on November 28, 2022 in ArticlesCelebrity News

In case you're in need of a quick primer on 50 Cent's current legal problems, he's about to sue Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa and its plastic surgeon proprietor, Angela Kogan, for using an unauthorized photo of him in an advertisement for the clinic's services. The clinic's services apparently include cosmetic penis enhancement. 50 Cent is suing Perfection for using his likeness in such a way.

"Set for trial in July no enhancement necessary, these fools put them selves out of business. SMH," the rapper posted on Instagram.

In an interview with Brian J. Roberts on YouTube the rapper legally known as Curtis Jackson revealed this is far from his first time taking someone to court – in fact, he estimates he's spent some $23 million in legal fees since his rise to stardom almost 20 years ago.

During the extensive interview, 50 Cent's legal history as a notable public figure came into the conversation as a result of his current ongoing case. And despite the impressive estimate as to how much dealing with various lawsuits have cost him over the years, he seems to see it as a normal, unavoidable part of doing business:

"I spent over $23 million legal fees since I had success in 2003…So when you say you're successful or you're rich in a different way, that money was just written off as expenses of business. You're in it and I'm going, 'What?' When I'm looking at it myself, 'That's how much you really spent on that?'

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50 goes to explain how lawsuits are the only recourse someone in his position has in this situation, and attorneys are always eager to take the assignment for a chance at a piece of a big payout:

"The only thing someone in America can do is sue someone…They're gonna sue and they're always gonna be pro-bono or say, 'We'll defend you for 30 percent of what we receive off of this because we do see a case.'"

Outside of this recent plastic surgery lawsuit, where 50 is the one doing the suing, the rapper has been involved in a number of high profile legal battles in recent years. His most famous legal battle was with the ex-girlfriend of rival rapper Rick Ross. That girlfriend, Lavonia Leviston, sued 50 after he released of a sex tape in which she appeared. He was eventually ordered to pay her $5 million.

A year before that $5 million judgement, 50 was ordered to pay $17.5 million in damages connected to a trademark case from a headphone partnership that went sour.

Combined, 50 was ordered to pay $22.5 million in judgments in a fairly short period. These judgements are totally outside of the $23 million in legal fees 50 claims to have spent since 2003.

As a result of the judgements, 50 filed for bankruptcy in June 2015.

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