A YouTube Star Just Bought A $4.6 Million Mansion In The Hollywood Hills

By on October 16, 2015 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

I know YouTube stars are probably under a lot of pressure and work very hard to get where they are in this world, but nevertheless, it's a little hard not to be gobsmacked when you see evidence of just how much money one of these stars can make by posting short videos on the website. And somehow, it's even worse when that star is someone like Jordan Maron, also known as "CaptainSparklez," whose metier on YouTube consists of videos of the 23-year-old playing the massively popular computer game Minecraft. The YouTuber isn't just in business for himself, having signed a contract with Maker Studios' Polaris.

How much does playing Minecraft for 8.8 million subscribers pay? Enough to afford a $4.575 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. As for the house itself, it's an imposing three-story, 4,100-square-foot home, with an incredible view of the Sunset Strip and a Monopoly motif, courtesy of the home's previous owner, who must have been really into Monopoly.

That's just the living room of Casa Sparklez, and if you think the kitchen or any of the other rooms in the house is going to look more like those in the home of a typical 23-year-old, you're about to be disappointed.

In a somewhat interesting coincidence, this house is adjacent to the relatively lavish $70 million mansion purchased late last year by the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson. Hopefully Jordan Maron remembers to send him a "thank you" bottle of champagne or something from time to time, since Persson essentially created his new neighbor's route to fame and fortune.

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