You Can Be Oprah's Hawaiian Neighbor With This $75 Million 3,600-Acre Maui Masterpiece

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I have really good news for anyone who loves Oprah, Hawaii, cows and biologically regenerative tropical agriculture! And I mean, honestly, who doesn't absolutely love all four of those exact things???

One of the largest privately-owned properties on the coast of Maui just came up for sale. The 3,600-acre property, known as Hana Ranch, is located directly next door to a 100-acre property owned by Ms. Winfrey.

There is a bit of bad news though. Before you get too excited, Oprah's neighboring property is actually undeveloped. Oprah owns $200 million worth of land and real estate in the United States, including SEVERAL HUNDRED acres of land on Maui, but her actual Maui mansion is not located on the property next door to Hana Ranch.

That doesn't mean she'll never build a second Maui mansion on the neighboring property at some point, but assume it could be a while before you're able to pop over to borrow a cup of sugar or gossip about Meghan and Harry.

Oh, another slight challenge: If you do want to own Hana Ranch, the asking price is…

$75 million

Hana Ranch is located on the remote far-eastern side of Maui, about 2.5 – 3 hours from the more touristy areas of Wailea and Lahaina on the west side. If you've ever been to Maui and did "the road to Hana," you were very close to Hana Ranch at times. As we said previously, it's a 3,600-acre property so you're "close" from a bunch of points on the Hana Highway.And if you made it all the way to the actual town of Hana, that's very close to Hana Ranch's main entrance gate.

The current owner of the ranch is sustainable agriculture company called Bio-Logical Capital. Bio-Logical bought the ranch in 2014 for $9 million.

According to Hana Ranch's website, the property features an 1,800 square-foot, two bedroom primary home. So ya, potential buyers are being asked to fork over $75 million for a ranch that features a fairly modest 2-bedroom home.

On the other hand, potential buyers will enjoy never-ending ocean and mountain views, acre-upon-acre of lush fruit and vegetable plants, horse stables, a riding arena and much more.

Roughly 2,500 of Hana's 3,600 acres are zoned strictly for agricultural use. I'm not sure if the $75 million asking price includes the property's 1,000 head of cattle. And before you scoff at that, keep in mind that a cow in Maui could easily fetch $3,000 – $4,000. Using the low end of that range, if there are 1,000 cows on the property and they're included in the sale, that's $3 million in added value right there.

Honestly, you wouldn't be buying this property for luxurious amenities in the short term. You'll build a larger mansion at some point and then you'll keep this property generations. Long after nuclear war and the zombie apocalypse, you're heirs will be enjoying Hana Ranch. And who knows? Maybe you will bump into Oprah some day in the next decade or two. Can't put a price on that!

Do yourself a favor. Clear your head and watch this 2 minute video tour of Hana Ranch that was just posted to YouTube today by Sotheby's:

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