For $15 Million You Can Pretend You Are The President, Living In Your Own White House

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Back in 1985, Tears for Fears had a very popular song called 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World.' Have you ever had that desire? To be the leader of the free world, the President of the United States? The position may not be as beloved worldwide as it has been in the past, but the power of the office is unmistakable. Running for office would be quite an undertaking, and if you actually got elected you would then have to actually do the work that goes with the job (yuck!).

What if you could just live like the president in your very own White House? What if you had the kind of place that was luxurious enough to be fitting for the leader of the free world, complete with appropriate space and amenities to conduct business with other heads of state? What if it kind of looked like the White House, too?

For $15 million you can have just such a place deep in the heart of Texas!

Located on Strait Lane in Dallas, otherwise known as Billionaires Row, you'll be surrounded by houses that commonly go for $20 million or so. The last time this house was on the market was in 2014, with a price tag of $19.5 million. Obviously it didn't sell, it was taken off the market, and now the owners are trying to sell it again at the discounted price of $15 million.

The library is the perfect place for you to conduct the affairs of state, look over important documents, and do other 'presidential' things (whatever they may be). Should it get cold, all you need to do is light a fire in the 17th century Louis XIII fireplace.

The South Gallery is the perfect place for receiving guests. Can't you just picture yourself enjoying a nice cup of tea with the Prime Minister in this room?

Or maybe a cold beer and a cheese ball?

When you are ready to adjourn to a more comfortable setting, you can move the party into the living room. An 18th century Louis XV marble fireplace will keep you warm as you look out the tall windows at the front lawn and gardens.

When it comes time for dinner your guests can marvel at the rare Italian chandelier and two two antique carved cornices as they enjoy their meal. Like many of the rooms in the house this one comes with an 18th century Louis XIV fireplace to keep you warm.

Your cook (because if you can afford this place you probably have a cook) will feel like he/she is heaven with kitchen at his/her disposal. Like every other room in the house, no expense was spared in making the room the picture of opulence.

The 15th century carved Gothic fireplace in granite anchors is a thing of beauty, and has a Viking 6-burner range with gas grill inside. The center island, with limestone countertops, will be the perfect place to enjoy your breakfast in the morning.

When your guests are done with dinner, or if they are feeling more like enjoying a few drinks rather than a formal dinner, the custom bar with walnut walls, ceiling, and a 17th century fireplace will be the perfect place to enjoy a good bourbon.

If bourbon is not their thing, there is bound to be something in the wine cellar, with plenty of space to sit back, light a fire in the Renaissance Style fireplace, and enjoy a glass.

If your guests are not into drinking too much, you can take them to your very own 24-person movie theater, complete with top of the line equipment, and it is accessible by both the elevator and the front staircase. Should they want to enjoy a few drinks with the movie, it is equipped with a full bar, ice machine and refrigerated drawers.

Not interested in a movie, hanging out in the bar, or wine cellar? Take your cognac and have a seat on the back porch.

When it is time to get ready for bed, or to clean up so you can enjoy a night on the town, you and your guests can get ready in one of five full bathrooms, or one of the four half baths.

Ridiculous, right?

This is almost too nice to even think about bathing in.

There is just something about taking a bubble bath in a marble tub that just screams filthy, stinking rich!

When it comes time to finally lay your head down for the night the master bedroom will definitely give you the sense that you are the master of your domain.

The 16,041 square foot house only has four bedrooms, but does have plenty of living area to go with a spacious formal dining room, breakfast room, a couple of other dining rooms, and a six-car garage complete with two limousine parking spaces.

So, if you want to live large like you're POTUS, conducting affairs of state, the White House of the South is the place for you!

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