Tyler Perry Sells Massive Atlanta Home For A Record Price

By on May 10, 2016 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Tyler Perry might as well be renamed King Midas. He has a seemingly never-ending stream of movies coming out along with a few cable television shows. His various TV and film projects have generated billions in revenue and made the man exceptionally rich with a personal net worth of $450 million and an annual income of $80 – $100 million. And Tyler's golden touch extends to pretty much every aspect of his life… including real estate.

Tyler Perry just sold his massive Atlanta mansion for a record-setting $17.5 million. At $17.5 million, it's the most expensive home ever sold in Atlanta–and that's the discounted price!

The previous record holder was a Buckhead Estate that sold for $10.5 million in 2009. Perry initially listed the 34,688 square foot French Provincial home and its 17-acres at $25 million.

Despite its enormous size, the home actually only has seven bedrooms. It also has nine full bathrooms and five half bathrooms.

How could something so large have only seven bedrooms? Well–it does have an underground ballroom, and those things tend to take up a lot of space. It also features a two-story parking garage, fitness center, spa, infinity pool, wine cellar, and home theater. After all, when you host the President of the United States, Oprah Winfrey, and the rest of Hollywood's elite you can't have just any old, ordinary mansion. It has to be something special.

So why sell a place like this if it isn't bleeding you dry?

Apparently, this ridiculously large palace was not enough for Tyler. He felt the need for something bigger–much bigger.

Exactly how big is unknown at this time, but his new mansion will sit on a 1000-acre plot of land, so one can assume it's going to be very impressive!

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