Top Six Celebrity Homes for Sale or In Foreclosure

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Following up on our last post on top six most amazing celebrity homes, today we're serving up the top six celebrity homes that have been featured on Celebritynetworth that are up for sale. Actually some of two are in foreclosure! So act now and you could be not just be living like a celebrity, but could actually sleep in their old bed! And if the massive mortgage payments are a bit out of your reach, I have some news to cheer you up: We have two celebs with the same problem! So check out four celebs that are selling their cribs, and two that the IRS are selling.

Ellen DeGeneres and Wife Portia De Rossi Selling Home for $49 Million

Our first home owned by Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi is the kind you have to use a helicopter if you want to take a proper house photo. It's also the most expensive on our list. The biggest slice of Ellen's real estate portfolio, found in Beverly Hills, is actually selling at a big loss with an estimated value of $78 million. She bought the initial property for $30 million in 2007, then bought up the surrounding property and splurged on renovations and expansions, with a final bill of $48 million. With one main house, two guest houses and part embedded in the cliff-side under her pool, she pretty much has every feature you can think of. And to top off Ellen's baller-status, she has an 8-car garage filled with Porches (her Wife Portia gets to sleep in the house).

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Mark Wahlberg Selling His Beverly Hills Estate For $14 Million

Another fat Beverly Hills estate, this one owned by Marky Mark Wahlberg. Known as the inspiration for the character Vincent Chase on Entourage, Wahlberg's real cribs blows away the ones Vinny lived in on the hit HBO show. Set up like an luxury resort, his home has a theater-grade screening room, lagoon swimming pool and grotto, basketball court, putting green, full-gym and boxing ring.

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 Jerry Seinfeld's Colorado Vacation Home Selling for $18 Million

Jerry Seinfeld, best known for his role as "Jerry Seinfeld" on his hit show "Seinfeld", is selling one of his multi-million dollar homes for $18 Million. This home is his ski vacation lodge in Telluride, Colorado. Found near the famous ski resort town of Aspen, his back porch has views of the mountain used in the Coors Light commercials. Bonus: if you buy Jerry's house, you get all his home furnishings! Now that's a lot of Seinfeld memorabilia!

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 Chris Tucker Owes $11 Million in Taxes, Faces Foreclosure

Chris Tucker, best known for his role opposite Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour trilogy, has already blow all the mills he made from it. Owning a ton in unpaid taxes and not being able to afford his $25,812.50 monthly mortgage payment, the IRS has put a $11.5 million lein on his lovely Florida mansion, in the upscale Bella Collina neighborhood. Featuring a pirate-themed basement, he paid $6 million, but still owes $4 million. It's now valued at only $1.6 million…ouch. There have been talks of a Rush Hour 4, so if he can keep his ass out of jail till then, he might get to keep his home.

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Damon Dash's Foreclosed Tribeca Loft Selling for $8 Million 

Damon Dash, despite all his success building the Roc-a-Fella empire with Jay-Z, has taken a fall. He once claimed to be worth $50 million in the mid-2000s, making $10 million for his share of Roc-a-Fella and $20 million for his share of Rocawear when Jay-Z bought him out. Damon Dash now reportedly owes $2 million in taxes and had his pricey loft and SUV seized. Not able to make the staggeringly high $78,000 monthly mortgage payments, it can all be yours for $8.65 million!

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50 Cent's House: Buy Now and Save 50%!

Probably our most popular celeb home on our site is also probably the best deal. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's excessive estate Farmington, Connecticut is selling for half-off, from $19 million in 2008 to $9,999,999.50 today. Previously owned by former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, it includes all the amenities to make you're own rap video from the comfort of home: A Playboy mansion-style grotto, basketball court, shooting range, helicopter pad and a full night club with stripper poles and gambling tables!

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