Tommy Hilfiger Lists "Unusual" Miami Mansion For $27.5 Million

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Designer Tommy Hilfiger is looking to sell his Miami beach home and fetch a pretty penny in the process. The fashion mogul recently listed his unique mansion, described in his own words as "really unusual," for $27.5 million.

Hilfiger is ready to say goodbye to his Florida estate, scratch and sniff wallpaper and all. The eclectic fashion icon, whose recently listed South Florida property literally has the ocean as its backyard, told the Wall Street Journal that the only reason he's selling the home is because he doesn't spend enough time there. Lucky for Hilfiger, the mansion in question sits in a prime neighborhood with some steep selling points, meaning he just might break a Miami-area record if someone scoops up the fortress for the current price tag of $27.5 million. If the home fetches the asking price, it will go down as the most expensive property sold in the Miami metro town of Golden Beach. More importantly, however, it might be the first home with scented wallpaper to sell for such a steep price.

Topping out at just over 14,000 square feet, Hilfiger's Golden Beach home is quite literally a mansion's worth of fashion and style statements. Nearly every room in the uniquely decorated and designed home comes with its own distinct color pattern, furniture, and artwork. From the banana wallpaper in the master bathroom to the distinct and dramatic themes featured in all seven bedrooms (yes, one of them is entirely yellow polka-dotted), the home features the work of interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and boasts such standout talk pieces as a black marble staircase, hair-on-hide living room carpet, and scented wallpaper all while encapsulating a Studio 54 vibe.


The living room, a spacious entertainment area lined with wide couches, psychedelic carpets, and a sleek, white trim boasts one unique feature that makes it appear much larger. You guessed it – Hilfiger traded in the original ceiling for a mirrored ceiling, an interior decorating hack that doubles the depth of the living space.

Even the bedrooms boast their own unique style. Like the rest of the private quarters within Hilfiger's Florida estate, this bedroom features a unique, all-encompassing theme. Adorned in yellow polka-dotted wallpaper, this suite is complete with matching drapes, trim, and chandelier. Jill Hertzberg of The Jills, the company holding the listing, suggested the unique and spectacular themes and interior design decisions are meant to "incorporate a groovy, colorful 1960s/1970s feel."

What's a fabulous South Florida mansion without a few scratch and sniff wallpaper designs? This bathroom, like several of the 12 within the residence, entertains a unique wallpaper design that truly transforms the space. If bananas aren't your fancy you may want to try one of the home's other bathrooms, as one fell scratch of this wallpaper will bring about the scent of the very fruit it depicts. According to the listing, there's several other scratch and sniff wallpapers throughout the home.

This room definitely looks familiar. Now, it just wouldn't be a Tommy Hilfiger home without the signature look, would it? Like many of the mansion's starkly contrasted room designs, the home office doesn't disappoint with a unique look and feel all of its own – well, kind of. The completely Hilfiger-branded office boasts walls that are actually made of real Hilfiger fabric.

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Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, best known for founding his self-titled lifestyle brand, got his start in the industry at the age of 18 when he would buy jeans and customize them himself to resell. Despite selling his company for $1.6 billion to Apax Partners in 2006, Hilfiger remains the company's principal designer. His current net worth is $250 million.

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