Tom Cruise's House: Is it Still Retail Therapy When It Costs $33 Million?

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Tom Cruise belongs to that small group of actors who rose to fame during the mid-to-late 80s, who are known as "stars".  Nowadays, we have celebrities.  Or we have famous actors.  Famous actors are men and women who win awards for their work, and command a certain level of critical respect.  We have very few official "stars".  This is due to two or three issues.  One – many actors of late seem to shy away from the massive amounts of publicity in which the previous generation of actors seemed to revel.  Two – many actors nowadays shift from film, to television, to theater and back again, so their fame is a little more spread out.  Three – actors seem to come and go far more frequently.  They take time off for family.  They produce smaller projects in their hometowns, shoot a big budget project, and then disappear again.

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Tom Cruise has managed to remain in the public eye for a very, very long time.  Over the last few years, his public image has taken a bit of a beating.  Things started to go awry beginning with his divorce from Nicole Kidman.  Then he fired his longtime manager (and sister).  Then came the infamous "Oprah" couch dance, followed by his marriage to Katie Holmes.  Along the way, he continued to make successful films, even as more and more people turned up their noses at his personal life.  Then Katie Holmes left him, in a big, splashy, public divorce that was everything you would expect from a "star" break-up.  So, Mr. Cruise is now on the hunt for a home near the daughter he shares with Ms. Holmes.  Not just any house will do, of course.  After all, Mr. Cruise is a "star", and he may have just found a very special new home.

Tom Cruise's house, should he choose to accept it, is the former home of Mel Gibson.  The 75-acre estate is located in Greenwich, Connecticut.  The house was sold two years ago, but is now back on the market for a whopping $33 million dollars.  The estate is called "Old Mill Farm", and the home itself is 15,800 square feet.  Tom Cruise's house, if he chooses it, is made to keep the paparazzi at bay, which could be one of the property's most appealing aspects.  The grounds are also incredible, and include a swimming pool, a massive chessboard, a tennis court, and a hedge maze, among other amenities.  Tom Cruise's house seems a bit much if he is just interested in being near his daughter, but once you have grown accustomed to the lifestyle of a "star", it must be tough to put it away.

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