The Pope's House

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Where does the Pope Live? The Pope, also known as the Vicar of Jesus Christ, His Holiness, Holy Father, Bishop of Rome, and Supreme Pontiff, lives in Rome, Italy in the Papal apartments in Vatican City. The Pope's official residence is the Palace of the Vatican, a country inside the nation of Italy comprised of 108.7 acres of land.

The Pope has a summer residence situated on the site of the ancient city of Alba Longa called Castel Gandolfo. Even though it is located inside the city of Rome, the Vatican is completely independent and separate from Rome and Italy. The Papal apartments are comprised of ten large rooms including a vestibule, the pope's private study, the pope's bedroom in the corner of the building, the library, a dining room, a small living room, a private chapel, a kitchen, a medical suite (which includes dental equipment and equipment for emergency surgery), and a small studio office for the papal secretary. The custom is to renovate the Papal Apartments with each new pope, according to the preferences of the new pontiff.

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