The Most Expensive Residential Streets In The United States

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When you become a billionaire, you'll probably do these two things right away: #1) Email Celebrity Net Worth so we can tell the world your inspirational story. And #2) Buy a big fat mansion. When I imagine my life as a billionaire (or humble $100 millionaire), the main thing I dream about is my future mansion. As someone who currently lives in a 650 square foot apartment, I can't wait to have a massive bedroom, multi-car garage, pool, hot tub, tennis court, sex dungeon, movie theater, gym… It's gonna be amazing.

I don't have any specific idea of where I want my future mansion to be. California is nice. Florida has low taxes. There are lots of good options. On the other hand, if you do end up becoming a billionaire, there's a VERY good chance you'll end up living on one of the following streets. Why is that? Because according to a recent report from real estate site Zillow, these are the 15 most expensive residential streets in the United States based on median home value:


#1. Indian Creek Island Road – Miami, Florida

Located in Miami, Indian Creek is home to roughly 100 extremely wealthy people. Jay-Z and Beyonce own a waterfront home here. Every house is waterfront actually. Every backyard faces a private, extremely exclusive golf club. Bottom line, if you find yourself living on Indian Creek Island Road some day, you will be very happy. Please invite us to a party.

#2 and #3: Beverly Park – Beverly Hills, California 

Located in a gated community at the top of Beverly Hills, if you call Beverly Park home, you are doing very well in life. Your neighbors include Sly Stallone, Denzel Washington, Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, Barry Bonds, Magic Johnson, Mark Wahlberg and many more.

#4: Lazy Lane Blvd – Houston, Texas

Proving that everything is bigger in Texas.

#5: Conyers Farm Drive – Greenwich, Connecticut

If you're worth hundreds of millions or billions of dollars and want to be close to NYC, there's a very very good chance you live in Greenwich, Connecticut. And Conyers Farm Drive is an exclusive gated community that was developed in the 1980s. Each lot is a minimum 10 acres. Some are 20+ acres.

#6: Strawberry Park Court – Avon, Colorado

If you're a billionaire and you love to ski, Strawberry Park Court in Avon, Colorado is your future home. You'll be located near the Beaver Creek Resort, roughly 2.5 hours from Denver.

#7: Field Point Circle – Greenwich, Connecticut

Last year, a house sold on Field Point Circle in Greenwich for $120 million. It was originally listed for $190 million, so the buyer actually got a deal!

#8: Coopers Neck Lane – Southampton, NY

Aside from Greenwich and Beverly Hills, nothing epitomizes extreme wealth quite like the Hamptons. And if you're a multi-multi-billionaire looking to buy a property out there, you'll probably end up looking at Coopers Neck Lane.

#9: Nimes Road – Bel Air, California

If your mom ever gets worried that you might be hanging out with a tough crowd in West Philadelphia, don't be too upset if she sends you off to live with with relatives on Nimes Road in Bel Air.

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#10: Arvida Parkway – Miami, Florida

If you wanted to live on the #1 street, but couldn't swing the down payment, nearby Arvida Parkway isn't a bad consolation prize.

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