Taylor Swift's House: The Fickle Songstress Pays In Cash

By on April 29, 2013 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Taylor Swift seems to be rather obsessive about having two things, boyfriends and property.  She also has an unfortunate penchant for getting rid of these two things, almost as quickly as she collects them.  However, that deserves a whole other article of its own.  Over the course of the last couple of years, she's gone through three high profile romances and three high-profile house deals, and as winter turns to spring in 2013, she seems destined to keep racking up homes.  The 23-year old Pennsylvania native has been writing and recording music professionally since 2006, and has amassed a ridiculous number of awards and staggering album sales over the course of her comparatively short seven-year career.  Though her blonde-haired, blue-eyed pretty girl-next-door looks, and her lyrics about teen heartbreak, have endeared her to a million "tweens" around the world, one need only look to her personal life to see that she has the makings of a major diva.  Her penchant for buying ever more opulent homes, is one sure sign that the princess of country-pop is ascending the throne of full-grown country-pop queen.  Most recently, she purchased a massive mansion in Rhode Island… in cash.

Taylor Swift's house in Rhode Island, is an 11,000 square foot home overlooking the water.  The eight-bedroom, ten and a half-bath house, rests 65 feet above Little Narragansett Bay, and was built in 1930.  Inside Taylor Swift's house there is a 45-foot sun room, a massive kitchen with an attached family room with its own fireplace, and an equally impressive dining room.  The bedrooms are all large, and the majority of them have their own bathroom, or bathrooms.  There is also a roof terrace, a wet bar, and a recreation space on the lower level of Taylor Swift's house that opens to the beach.  The list of amenities goes on and on and includes multiple balconies, a pool, a fitness room, and a five-car garage.  The house was on the market for $24 million, but because Ms. Swift was willing to pay, in full, via wire, the price was dropped to a noticeably smaller, but no less heart attack inducing, $17.75 million.  With that rather spectacular purchase, we can officially say that the princess has become a diva.

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