Take A Look At This Huge Bel Air Mansion That Recently Sold For $75 Million

By on August 14, 2019 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Last month, one of the most expensive houses ever sold in Los Angeles went to an anonymous buyer from China, who paid $75 million to close the deal. The house is an impressive behemoth worthy of the price tag in both size and grandeur, almost 25,000 square feet of luxury with another 20,000 square feet of outdoor terraces, patios, and garden space, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. 

The seller of the house was Ardie Tavangarian, founder of a Los Angeles construction/design firm called Arya Group. And indeed, the home is a showcase of Tavangarian's own abilities in the fields of construction and design – at the time of its listing in November of last year, Tavangarian professed to have designed and built the house himself, intending it to be for him and his family. But as labors of love tend to do, it sprawled out of control and grew beyond the original scope of the project, leading to his decision to sell it instead.

Tavangarian purchased the property in 2014 for a little over $11 million, and after his nearly four-year project of rebuilding and expanding his dream home, the asking price had ballooned to $100 million, then settled down to $88 million when it was listed for sale last year. It has nine bedrooms and 12 baths, and unique touches like the two-story deck in the back, also designed by Tavangarian, engineered to serve as a kind of massive "picture frame" for viewing the famous Los Angeles skyline.

The property has kind of an interesting history even before its grand Tavangarian redesign. Tavangarian purchased it in a bankruptcy sale after its previous owner CNET's Halsey Minor went belly-up despite having once been worth more than $200 million.

In any case, the best way to appreciate this $75 million mega-mansion is to see it, and you can do that by checking it out in the video below from Williams & Williams Estates Group:

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