"Step By Step" And "Dallas" Actor Patrick Duffy Asks $14 Million For 390-Acre Oregon Ranch

By on September 28, 2022 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

If you were born before 1980, you know Patrick Duffy for his role as the heartthrob Bobby Ewing from the CBS drama "Dallas." If you were born after 1980, you know Patrick for his role as Frank Lambert, husband to Suzanne Somers' Carol Foster on the ABC TGIF sitcom "Step by Step." Either way, the man is iconic.

Sadly, if you were born after 1990, you may not be aware of the wonderful talent that is, Patrick Duffy. And that's partly by Patrick's choosing. Though he has continued to work consistently over the last quarter-century, after making plenty of money acting and directing (he directed around 50 of Step by Step's 160 episodes), Patrick has largely retreated to a secluded peaceful life on a 600-acre ranch in Southern Oregon.

That ranch is now for sale.

Patrick was first exposed to the beauty of southern Oregon while on a fishing trip with his "Dallas" co-star Larry Hagman back in 1989. A year later, Patrick and his wife Carlyn returned to an area just south of Medford, Oregon, and proceeded to spend $1.5 million on 130 acres of land.

Over the next decade, Patrick and Carlyn spent an additional $3 million buying several surrounding parcels to piece together a 600-acre working ranch that has 9 structures including a main residence. One of the remaining eight structures is a guest house, the other is a ranch-keeper's house and the rest are rental properties.

At some point Patrick and Carlyn donated around 200 acres to the state to be permanently conserved and protected, leaving the current 390-acre property.

Unfortunately Carlyn died in January 2017. In addition to having two sons by Patrick, Carlyn was survived by a nephew born to her sister Roberta. That nephew is retired major league baseball pitcher Barry Zito. That's just a fun Duffy fact for no reason at all.

In 2020 Patrick began dating "Matlock" actress Linda Purl. Today Patrick and Linda operate a mail-order sourdough bread company called Duffy's Dough.

This week Patrick revealed he's ready to tie up his spurs on ranch life. What is now being marketed as "Duffy Ranch," the sprawling and gorgeous 390-acre property is being offered for $14 million.

In a fun and perhaps expected treat, Patrick himself hosts the video tour. Enjoy:

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