Sheryl Crow's House: A Stunning Hollywood Hills Estate for the Woman Who Does It All

By on June 12, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Through a long and busy career that has included writing multiple hit songs, touring as a backup singer for a wide variety of high-profile artists, and launching her own successful solo career, Sheryl Crow has also managed to adopt and raise two sons, battle breast cancer, and remain politically and socially active.  She is one of those stars that appear to be able to do it all.  She has sold 35 million albums around the world, won nine Grammy Awards, and has sung with the likes of Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Sting, Tina Turner, and Bob Dylan, to name just a few.  She regularly appears on lists of "Women Who Look Fabulous Over"…well, whatever age the publication deems as old, and she does seem to have nearly boundless energy.   She also has multiple properties, and while she has had little success selling her Tennessee mansion just outside of Nashville, her Hollywood Hills estate has proven to be a favorite with multiple interior design publications.

Sheryl Crow's house in the Hollywood Hills rests on 11 acres of land, and is actually comprised of three houses with distinct styling.  She and her sons live in the largest of the three houses, which was built in 1926, and features Spanish Hacienda-type design.  The other two homes on the property were built at the turn of the century and are more cottage-like in appearance.  Sheryl Crow's house features high ceilings, stucco walls, tiled floors, and the open, airy feel that is the appeal of hacienda styling.  The house also has multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms, a large dining room, a kitchen tiled in old subway tiles, a library, a personal office where she can work on songwriting and other correspondence, a beautiful series of outdoor bridges that connect the various buildings on the property, an infinity pool, a music room, and a large backyard with a canvas pavilion.  She decorated the home herself, and Sheryl Crow's house is definitely an example of good taste and genuine creativity.  Ms. Crow recently appeared in the headlines again, as she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Luckily, it appears to be benign.  It is good to know that she will have a beautiful and comfortable place in which to recuperate and relax.

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