See Inside LeBron James' New $23 Million LA Mansion

By on December 26, 2017 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Just because LeBron James spends his working days as a champion for the people of Ohio doesn't mean he has to spend all his time in Akron. According to various reports James recently proved that point by purchasing a 15,000 square foot mansion in the Los Angeles Brentwood neighborhood, paying $23 million for the three-story home and its surrounding estate. And with the purchase of a second Los Angeles mansion, rumors that LeBron James is mulling a spot with the Lakers once he becomes a free agent this summer, probably won't be cooling off any time soon.

Even with LeBron maintaining his sprawling estate of some 30,000 square feet in Akron, the purchase marks his second mansion in Brentwood. Back in 2015 he purchased his first Brentwood mansion for $21 million according to Variety, and his most recent $23 million home buy was likely a pretty good bargain, since the home was originally listed earlier this summer for $30 million, before dropping down to $25 million in September. But the new house, despite being only a couple million more expensive than the older one, is quite an upgrade in terms of size, with about 6,000 square feet on the older home's 9,350 square feet, six bedrooms, and seven bathrooms. The new one, in addition to the aforementioned 15,846 square feet, spikes those figures with eight bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms.

Looking into LeBron's new mansion in more detail, it's a predictably stylish and handsome residence fit for King James. There's a home gym, marble bathrooms, an elevator, a heated patio, and in a nod towards James' hobby as a wine enthusiast, an extensive wine cellar. Then there's the home theater, the photo of which is courtesy of real estate company Trulia, shows how Wonder Woman would look on that luxuriously giant screen:

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