See Inside Kim Dotcom's Insane Former Mansion

By on April 24, 2019 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Back in 2012, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom was arrested in an expansive raid on his New Zealand home. That's old news, but just last month a YouTuber named Erick Tseng posted a rare look at the mansion, one of the most expensive in all of New Zealand and valued at around $25 million. As you might expect from someone of Dotcom's interests (or just of someone who's taken the last name "Dotcom"), the mansion is an eccentric tech millionaire utopia, with lavish design touches that often look more like something out of The Sims than an actual home for humans to live in. That's true despite the fact that Dotcom hasn't actually lived here for some time.

Dotcom's master bedroom (a phrase that doesn't even begin to convey how large it is) is the focus of the video tour, and words don't quite capture the bizarre sensibility that clearly went into its design and furnishing. One especially strange touch is the bathroom, which foregoes the usual sense of enclosed privacy in favor of a sink, bathtub, and toilet scattered haphazardly in a room that apparently used to be a sun room – complete with large windows for taking in the estate while in your most private moments, as well as a big screen TV mounted on the wall. The bathtub itself would look somewhat unusual even in a traditional bathroom, surrounded as it is by a white padded bench, presumably for either bath time spectators or those waiting in line for their chance in the tub.

Just outside the bathroom, there's Dotcom's old lap pool, complete with an elaborate lighting scheme that again seems like something a 12-year-old would dream up. From there, you can find the massive walk-in closet with an elaborate array of mirrors inside, reminiscent of the hall of mirrors owned by Mr. Han in the film Enter the Dragon. 

I haven't even gotten to the panic room yet, which is reportedly where Dotcom was finally arrested after authorities took a while to find it. You'll see how he was able to stay hidden, as well as a ton of other odd touches and details to the home, in the video below:

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