Scooter Braun Is Shaking Off His Recent Divorce Filing With A New $65 Million Brentwood Mansion

By on September 12, 2021 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

When life throws your a curve, shake it off, shake it off.

Scooter Bruan – the guy who discovered Justin Bieber and formerly owned the Taylor Swift song that was referenced in the previous sentence – filed for divorce last month. The filing ends a seven year union to Yael Cohen, with whom he shares three children. Following T. Swift's lyrical advice, Scooter is shaking it all off with a brand new $65 million Brentwood mansion purchase.

As first detailed by, Scooter just finalized the acquisition of a 19,000 square-foot newly-constructed $65 million mansion set on 4 acres of Brentwood's finest soil. It is the most-expensive home sale in Brentwood history.

Via the MLS/Agent Blair Chang

Via the MLS/Agent Blair Chang

Via the MLS/Agent Blair Chang

Via the MLS/Agent Blair Chang

By our estimate, Scooter Braun currently has a net worth of $400 million. A large chunk of that net worth came from a windfall in April of this year when he sold his music investment company, Ithaca Holdings, to South Korean conglomerate HYBE for $1 billion.

Scooter did not own 100% of Ithaca at the time of the sale, but he was the majority owner. Even if he owned just 51%, the smallest amount to maintain a "majority," he would have grossed a half billion pre-taxes from the sale.

Braun gained a level of notoriety in 2019 after buying Taylor Swift's music catalog – against her wishes – for $300 million. Taylor came out swinging against the deal, doing her damnedest to cast Braun as the music industry's evil villain. A year later he cut ties with Taylor's catalog by flipping it to a private equity fund called Shamrock Capital.

Speaking of cutting ties, Scooter and Yael Cohen were married in 2013. He is the one who filed for divorce in July 2021. According to various reports, the couple apparently has a rock-solid pre-nup. And before you assume that's bad news for Yael, the situation actually might be reversed!

Yael's father David Cohen is the President and CEO of esrey Resources (the first word is purposely lowercase), a Canadian mining company. In 2011 David sold a former company called the Gold Wheaton Group in $1 billion. Prior to that he was the co-founder of Northern Orian Resources Inc. which was sold in 2007 for $1.5 billion.

So it's possible that Yael is actually the one who is being better-protected by the prenup 😉

Scooter and Yael were married at Yael's parents' compound in Whistler, British Columbia. A few months later the newlyweds dropped $13 million on a mansion in Brentwood. Their mansion was situated directly across the street from Yael's parents' $25 million mansion. In January 2020 Scooter and Yael stepped up their game by purchasing the house immediately next door for $18 million. The seller was John Travolta.

Presumably, the newly-single Yael will maintain the Brentwood compound with the kids and nearby in-laws while Scooter set up shop in his new $65 million mansion.

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