Santa Claus House

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Where does Santa Claus Live? Santa's house is located in a very cold place called the North Pole. Santa has a village there where his elves make children's toys all year long until Santa delivers them on Christmas Eve around the world. Santa's village is vast, with workshops for various toys throughout the complex.

Santa has wood stoves in each workshop to help keep things toasty for his workers. Santa's house is a large log cabin with high ceilings, a large country kitchen, and four bedrooms. Santa's house has a fenced in area for his reindeer that fly with his sleigh. Santa has a covered peak roof shed that houses his sled and his engineer elf maintains the sled to remain in optimum condition for the big night. Santa's home is warm and cozy, fully decorated with a Christmas theme by his wife, Mrs. Santa Claus. After a long day in the workshops Santa sits by the fire with Mrs. Claus, with a warm blanket on his lap, a cup of eggnog, and his fuzzy slippers. NORAD begins to track Santa Claus online on December 1st.

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