Rush Limbaugh's Luxurious Waterfront Palm Beach Estate Fetches Jaw-Dropping $155 Million

By on March 10, 2023 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

For a little over 30 years, Rush Limbaugh dominated conservative airwaves. His program, "The Rush Limbaugh Show," reached 15 million weekly listeners thanks to a very successful longtime syndication deal that pumped the program out to 650 stations nationwide. At his peak, that syndication deal paid Rush around $85 million PER YEAR. The only radio host who makes more is Howard Stern, whose latest deal pays a salary of roughly $90 million per year.

And that $85 million salary was not an anomaly at the end of his career. Rush made at least $50 million per year for two decades straight between the 1990s and 2010s. That is how he died with a net worth of $600 million. And for most of those two decades, Rush operated his empire out of a 3-acre waterfront estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Rush bought the first of what became his 3-acre estate in 1999 for $3.9 million. By 2001 he had acquired at least two neighboring parcels and a built a 24,000 square foot palatial mansion that looks out at 25o feet of ocean frontage. There are four additional structures on the estate, including a 24-hour guard station and Rush's custom-built broadcasting studio.

In July 2022, Rush's widow quietly listed the estate. Her original asking price was $175 million.

Fast forward to the present and she has found a buyer. The price paid?

$155 million

Here is a video tour of the former Rush Limbaugh estate:

No word on the identity of the buyer of Rush's house yet.

And believe it or not, $155 million is NOT the record for a home sale in Palm Beach. That record belongs to Larry Ellison who famously paid $173 million for a property in the nearby town of Manalapan, which had been purchased by a different billionaire just 15 months prior for $95 million. In other words, that buyer – Jim Clark – made a roughly $80 million profit holding on to a home for a little over a year. Jim never even moved in because his wife (a former model who is nearly four decades younger) pretty much instantly changed her mind and decided she didn't actually want to leave New York.

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