Robin Williams' House: A $35 Million Napa Estate? That's a Lot of Jokes!

By on July 15, 2013 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

From the early 80s to the late-90s, Robin Williams was everywhere.  He was appearing on television, recording stand-up comedy specials, performing in a range of movies, hosting awards shows and charity events, guest-ing on numerous talks shows, and being all around movie star-like.  The majority of his performances were critically and commercially successful, and he was nominated for, or won, a host of awards, including an Oscar for his work in "Good Will Hunting".

Throughout it all, Mr. Williams seemed to somehow skirt the majority of the intensely invasive scrutiny that many of his movie star counterparts experienced.  He was fairly open about his battles with addiction, so it left little for the media to dig up, and his protracted legal battle with Disney was publicized within the Hollywood community, but made next to no impact on the viewing public.  The last few years have seen him playing supporting or co-starring roles in a range of projects, some of which have been successful, and some of which have disappeared rather quickly.  He has returned to touring, and occasionally guest stars on television.  Overall, he seems, finally, to be slowing down.  This change of pace apparently includes putting his massive Napa Valley home and vineyard on the market for $35 million.

Robin Williams' house in California sits on a whopping 653 acres, and includes the house proper, a vineyard, a solar farm, and a lake.  Robin Williams' house is 20,000 square feet, and is made up of five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, another six half-bathrooms, multiple living rooms, a wine cellar, a private movie theater, a climate-controlled art storage space, a state-of-the-art eat-in kitchen, and a bridge gallery that connects to a tower for looking out over the property.  Robin Williams' house also includes a spa, a massive infinity pool, and a three-bedroom home for the property manager.  That's a lot of house.  It stands to reason that a man, who is clearly slowing the pace of his professional life, would want his personal life to follow suit.

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