Rihanna's Home: A $6.9 Million Home Gone Bad

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Rihanna has had some ups and downs of late.  While her music career has seemed to continue to ascend, unabated, and her fame has continued to spread like wildfire, including her first starring role in the big-budget summer film, "Battleship", her personal life has seen its share of ugliness.  From a much-publicized domestic violence incident with fellow singer Chris Brown, to rumors of multiple rebound relationships, to problems with her managers and creative team, the "behind-the-scenes" action in Rihanna's life, has been rather tumultuous.  Back in 2009, before things started to get funky, she purchased a $6.9 million home in Beverly Hills.  The stunning house boasted lots of glass, high ceilings, wood floors, and had a chic, modern feel that seemed like a perfect match for the then 21-year old singing sensation.  Then the problems began.  First came the relationship ugliness, which, in a nod to terrifically crappy police work by the LAPD, was leaked to the press.  Then her house started to fall apart.  Literally.

The 10,000 square foot home boasted eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms.  Stunning views of the valley below, floor-to-ceiling windows, a huge backyard with a pool, a tiled terrace, a stunning open-plan kitchen with all new fixtures, and a media room, among many other luxury amenities, made the house seem like the ultimate rock-star pad.  Then the water started coming in.  A lot of water.  Like, a lot, lot, lot of it.  She recently put the seemingly possessed house on the market for a significant reduction in price, and has filed a lawsuit claiming that the she was told the home was in excellent condition when she purchased it, and was not aware of the structural problems.  These problems include a balcony that slopes strangely, and basically drains any rainwater directly into the house.  Nice.  The home is now on the market for a mere $4.5 million and is listed as a "fixer-upper".  Yeah.  Good luck with that real estate folks.

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