Richard Branson's House: Live Like a Socialite for Just $60,000 A Night

By on October 7, 2013 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Richard Branson has carved out an incredible career for himself.  While running The Student Magazine, he began selling records out of the magazine office.  The music selling business quickly overtook his editing work, and in 1971, he moved his ever expanding shop to Oxford Street.  The following year, he launched Virgin Records, and quickly became the go-to studio for music artists who were interested in pushing the envelope and challenging their listeners.  Mike Oldfield's album, "Tubular Bells", was the first album released by Virgin.  It went on to rise to #1, and spent 279 weeks on the British charts.  Richard Branson began to sign a steady stream of notable acts, including the Sex Pistols, Can, and Culture Club.  He then decided to branch out, and launched his own airline, Virgin Atlantic Airways, in 1984.  In 1999, he expanded again, adding Virgin Mobile to the mix.  A year later, he launched the airline Virgin Australia.  The airline is now the second largest in Australia.  Since then, he has launched a dozen subsidiary companies, including Virgin America, Virgin Trains, and Virgin Fuels.  He has also launched a space exploration venture called Virgin Galactic.  He's been largely, massively successful.  All of this success allowed him to purchase a compound on the Caribbean's Necker Island.  The home burnt to the ground in 2011 due to a lightning strike.  However, he recently rebuilt it, and it is more gorgeous than ever.

Richard Branson's house has nine bedrooms and nine en-suite bathrooms.  He purchased the home when he was 28, and at the time, it cost just under 200,000 GBP.  He then developed the island into a haven for the wealthy who want to get away.  The remodel of Richard Branson's house is based almost entirely on the original design of the home.  There is a 1,500 square foot master bedroom, floor-to-ceiling windows in every room, a stunning pool in the backyard just steps from the ocean, two tennis courts, and an outdoor spa.  Everything about the home screams resort, and the price is no exception.  Richard Branson's house costs 37,500 GBP (approx. $60,000 US) per night.

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