Big Sean Sells Big House For A Big Number In Beverly Hills Gated Community

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Mulholland Estates is a gated community high up in the Santa Monica Mountains in the 90210 zip code. Considering that zip code, it's easy to say this community is in Beverly Hills, but technically speaking they in an unincorporated area called the Beverly Hills Post Office. Residents of BHPO do not use Beverly Hills fire/police/water/garbage. It's strange. But even without Beverly Hills cops, Mulholland Estates is an extremely desirable and gorgeous gated community. Celebrity residents currently include Kendall Jenner, DJ Khaled, Charlie Sheen, Robbie Williams and Marshmello.

Guns 'N Roses guitar player Slash is a former celebrity resident. And the person he sold to, rapper Big Sean, is about to be a former celebrity resident.

In 2009 Slash bought the home in question for $7.3 million.

Slash listed the home for sale in 2015 for $11 million. He ultimately accepted $8.7 million from Big Sean in November 2017.

Big Sean performed some big renovations. He removed some of Slash's tackier design choices, like a living room stripper pole. The 10,000 square-foot mansion still has a nightclub, movie theater and a recording studio.

via The MLS/The Agency

via The MLS/The Agency

via The MLS/The Agency

via The MLS/The Agency

According to the MLS, Big Sean listed the home in February 2021 hoping to fetch $12.5 million.

He finally accepted an offer earlier this month. The final price was $11.1 million.

Perhaps to try to drum up some interest in the home, Big Sean gave Architectural Digest a detailed tour of the home in back in May:

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