Peyton Manning's $4.5 Million Denver Mansion

By on January 27, 2014 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Love him or hate him, you have to admit Peyton Manning has it going on.  It's easy to say that a coach is the reason a team reaches the Super Bowl.  It's easy to say that a particular squad working together is the reason a team reaches a Super Bowl.  When a quarterback helms two different teams and each team reaches the Super Bowl, love that quarterback or hate him, you have to give him his props.  Odds are, that quarterback is a large part of the reason those teams have all reached the Super Bowl.  Everyone in the NFL seems to have realized that Peyton Manning is pretty darn valuable, and his paycheck certainly reflects that.  His current contract with the Denver Broncos is a five-year deal worth $96 million.  (Though there are rumors he may retire before 2017 when the deal runs out.)  The tidy sum he is making each season and his net worth of $165 million, have allowed him to enjoy some of the finer things in life, including a very nice mansion in Denver, Colorado.

Peyton Manning's house in Denver measures 16,464 square feet and cost him a healthy $4.575 million when he purchased it in mid-2012.  It's a surprisingly reasonable amount for a home that is so large.  In Los Angeles or New York, a home of that size would cost as much as 10 times that price.  Peyton Manning's house sits just outside of Denver in the swanky Cherry Hills Village area.  Included in the massive structure are seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, an exercise room, a billiards room, a home theater, a heated indoor/outdoor kennel for their dog, and a 7-car garage.  The sprawling two-story home sits on 3.7 acres of land surrounded by trees and rolling lawns.  Multiple gardens, a patio with a grill, and a veranda complete Peyton Manning's house.  Manning has spent two seasons with the Broncos and they are already reaping the rewards.  Only time will tell whether his body can handle three more years, and whether his investment in a home in Denver was premature or not.

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