Patrick Stewart's House: Make It So Number 1

By on October 8, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Whether you are a Shakespeare aficionado, a sucker for thrillers, or a no-holds barred sci-fi fan, you are probably familiar with Patrick Stewart.  The highly decorated British thespian has managed to achieve that rare combination of well-respected actor and cult icon.  He sells theater tickets and television ad spots.  After toiling for years in relative obscurity in the UK, he decided to take a role on US television in the hope of increasing his profile.  Though he had starred in multiple productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre, and had played lead roles in a slew of BBC miniseries and television productions, he was listed as "Patrick Stewart – an unknown, British, Shakespearean actor", when trade publications wrote about his being cast as Jean Luc Picard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".  He went on to become one of the most beloved captains of the "Star Trek"-franchise, and his work on that show led to high profile film roles in such projects as "The X-Men" franchise, as well as multi-award nominated roles on such television programs as, "Frasier", "Extras", and "Moby Dick".  He has also received numerous awards for his theater work, both in the United States and the UK.  He has split his time between the US and the UK for years, and recently, he decided to purchase a home on the East Coast in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Patrick Stewart's house in Brooklyn, New York is a penthouse duplex, which he purchased earlier this month for $2.5 million.  The stunning apartment sports a massive open-plan dining and living room area that is thirty-one feet wide, and features beautiful windows along one side.  Patrick Stewart's house also features eleven-foot ceilings, a state-of-the-art kitchen, hardwood floors, a fireplace, and a full bathroom with marble accents.  The centerpiece of Patrick Stewart's house is a 1200 square foot rooftop deck, with gorgeous views of the surrounding area and an outdoor fireplace.  The master bedroom also has its own balcony.  The apartment is reached via a private elevator, and is that mixture of modern and laid-back that can only be found in Brooklyn.  For an actor who has found success with both high and low-brow audiences, it seems like a perfect fit.

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