Owning A Mansion Would Be Awesome… But A Mansion With This??? EPIC.

By on January 23, 2014 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Warning. After you watch the video below, your life may never be the same. For example, before I watched the video I was a perfectly happy 31 year old website owner who would have been super happy to own any mansion some day. To be totally honest, I wasn't very picky about the size, location or features of my future mansion. As long as it was a nice house that would let me have big fun parties and feel relaxed all the time. I would have been psyched if some day I was lucky enough to own a mansion in Beverly Hills, a ski chalet in mountains of Aspen, a sprawling estate in Greenwich Connecticut, even a nice little waterfront villa on Miami's Star Island right next to Birdman.

But again, all that was before I watched the video below. Now, I wont be happy for the rest of my life unless I own this exact property (or an exact replica) in a town called Sherwood, Oregon. Why do I desperately need to own this specific mansion? Is it so much nicer than anything I've ever seen before? Not really. Do the bedrooms come pre-stocked with a gaggle of Playboy Playmates who also happen to be mildly interesting to talk to? Nope. Does the property feature a full scale rideable railroad complete with train yard, underground tunnel and elevated trestles? YES. When my friend first sent me this video, I honestly didn't think I'd be excited. Now, for the rest of my days on earth I must do everything in my power to purchase this $3.5 million, 20 acre estate located just south of the Oregon/Washington border. See for yourself:

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