Miley Cyrus' House: A $3.9 Million Mansion and a Box Office Bomb is Nothing to "LOL" About

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Miley Cyrus, also known as Destiny Hope Cyrus, was born into a showbiz family.  Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, charmed the pants off of America with his "ear-wormy" country crossover hit, "Achy Breaky Heart", back in the early 90s.  He went on to a respectable country career in the US and abroad, and parlayed that into an equally successful acting career.  When he and his wife had their first child, it only stood to reason that she would be a performer too.  However, Miss Cyrus went on to far eclipse her father, starring in the ridiculously popular Disney series, "Hannah Montana", that launched a string of successful tours, clothing lines, spin-off movies, accessories, toys, and the list goes on.  Miley Cyrus became a money making machine, and when she decided to leave her "tween" roots behind, and attempt a more "adult" career releasing an official studio album, and shifting her focus to movies, the future looked bright.  Unfortunately, like many young stars that attempt to make the transition into adult stardom while remaining in the public eye, she tripped up… quite a lot actually.  From wearing clothes that alienated her still rather young audience, and more importantly, their parents, to indulging in Hollywood teen behavior that made the wrong kind of headlines, to appearing in projects that left her fans cold, Miss Cyrus has stumbled her way into Tinseltown adulthood with far less grace than one might hope.  Her most recent effort, "LOL", a remake of the French film of the same name, has received almost no publicity, grossed less than the cost of a college education in its first week open worldwide, and has been thoroughly savaged by the few critics that have seen it.  Welcome to adulthood, Miley.  Just under a year ago, in a further bid to establish herself as an emancipated adult, she purchased a (third) home in Studio City, California.

The 5,713 square foot, single storey ranch-style house, contains five bedrooms, and six and half bathrooms.  She purchased it for $3.9 million dollars, and like many mansions in California, it features floor-to-ceiling windows in almost every room, a massive lawn, a swimming pool, and an open plan central living area.  The master bedroom has its own sitting area with a fireplace and skylight, a very large master bath/spa, and a private patio.  There is a separate suite attached to the main house, on the other side of the garage, for visiting family members.  A gargantuan stone fireplace dominates the open-plan dining and living space.  At a mere nineteen, she is on house number three.  While her real estate choices clearly point to an adult sense of self, she may want to spend a bit more time choosing her projects (and behavior), and less on choosing new property.

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