Mick Jagger's House: Just $56,000 per Month to Feel Like a Rockstar

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Rock bands come and go, and many times, they achieve a certain level of success and then flare out.  Either the band members have outside issues that mess with the group's success, or the musicians realize that they simply don't like each other that much.  Occasionally, however, a group achieves that lightning in a bottle thing that makes for rock superstardom.  The Rolling Stones are a prime example of this.  Though the group has had its share of ups and downs, including drug issues and internal feuds, it has, for the most part, remained intact.  Frontman and founding member, Mick Jagger, has parlayed his work with the group into a solid solo career, and has also invested some of his earnings from multiple successful albums, into a number of pieces of prime real estate.  Many of his properties have become famous in their own right, and he has recently begun to rent some of them out.  Mick Jagger's house on the island of Mustique in the Caribbean, is one of those properties that just about every celebrity has coveted at some point.  In fact, Sir Paul McCartney held his most recent wedding there.

Mick Jagger's house, which contains six bedrooms and five bathrooms, looks out directly onto the beach.  With distinctly Japanese-inspired styling, and an above ground walkway connecting the multiple pavilions, the house has an open, Zen feeling that must serve as a balm to Mr. Jagger's more raucous rocker lifestyle.  The house also sports a pool, hot tub, open air dining pavilion, and easy access to the beach.  He is currently renting his home for 9500 GBP per week, the equivalent to $14,000 per week, or $56,000 per month, and requires that anyone interested in the villa go through an extensive background check.  Apparently, while staying at Mick Jagger's house might be restful, actually getting your foot in the door will not be.

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