Michael Moore's House: Lakeside Mansion Worth $2 Million

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After spending a rough week touring the tent-filled grounds of the Occupy Wall Street Movement nothing beats a weekend at your $2 million lakeside mansion surrounded by all your 1%'er neighbors and far far away from anyone in the 99%… Just ask Michael Moore!

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Michael Moore has been on a media world tour to promote his upcoming book… sorry I mean to support Occupy Wall Street Movement. Although he has done everything to avoid being being honest about his net worth. But totally by coincidence he does have a new book in stores called "Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life". The book is not free and absolutely none of the proceeds go to charity or Occupy Wall Street. We will assume none of the stories in the book discuss the millions he's made off his previous books and movie deals. So if you appreciate everything Michael Moore has done for the 99%, show your support and buy his new book! (Priced for the people for $27 on Amazon, hardcover of course). So where does Michael Moore unwind after all this? Well, he heads to beautiful Torch Lake in Michigan and his 10,000 square foot vacation home.

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Michael Moore's house: A $2 million mansion on Torch Lake, Michigan.

Moore's mansion has a taxable value of $1 million, but is more likely worth over $2 million. Just check out the size of it. It's actually as big as Tiger Wood's new mansion (minus the backyard golf course, lap pool, running track, etc). No details are known about his interior features, but considering the size we can be sure it's filled with expensive amenities. It has huge bay windows for his vaulted ceilings, probably a dozen fireplaces and you can see the private driveway and deck that leads to where he parks his boat.

Michael Moore supports Occupy Wall Street while owning a $2 million vacation home.

Moore first bought the property with an average size home on it at around 2,500 square feet. Not satisfied living like the 99%, he promptly bought up the two surrounding lots to expand. Now in his sprawling vacation lodge, he fits right in with the million dollar vacation homes of his fellow 1% celebrity neighbors, such as Madonna, Bruce Willis and ex-Chrysler Chairman Bob Eaton (A person Occupy supporters particularly hate), to name a few. It's reported that he has another piece of property in Manhattan in the 7-figure range as well. That home still remains a mystery, kinda like the bat cave. Because every time he steps out he throws on his 99% superhero disguise to hide his massive wealth, which consists solely of a random old baseball hat.

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