Michael Jordan's Home: Is His House (and Reputation) Worth $29 Million?

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Michael Jordan is still, quite possibly, the most popular basketball player on the planet.  Even as "Linsanity" sweeps the nation, and the world, Michael Jordan is the player and person against which all other up-and-comers are measured.  The press is forever searching for the "next Michael Jordan", and every season, a new player is crowned (or saddled) with the title.  In the meantime, Michael Jordan continues to enjoy his semi-retirement, his multiple endorsement and development deals, and his reputation as the greatest basketball player of all time.  He rarely sits still for long and has continued to work behind the scenes as a team owner and entrepreneur.  His endorsement deals are estimated to generate $40 million per year and he is in high demand for appearances at charity and sports events.  His impact on basketball was so great that the number of people who watched basketball during his years of play was noticeably larger than those who watched during his two periods away from the sport, or after his retirement.  Recently, he has made some changes in his personal life, and one of those changes is the decision to sell his Chicago mansion.  The mansion was his home during many of his record breaking seasons with the Chicago Bulls, and his decision to sell it seems to be an indication that he is moving into a new period that is slightly more separate from his vast basketball legacy.

The massive 56,000 square foot home, which includes nine bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, and five fireplaces, spread out over three floors, also includes an outdoor tennis court, multiple multi-car garages with climate control, a separate guesthouse with three bedrooms, and of course, an indoor basketball complex with specialized lighting.  The entire property has been listed at $29 million dollars.  This price seems surprisingly modest, both for the amount of space, and the bragging rights.

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