Melissa Gorga's New Jersey House

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Melissa Gorga House: Melissa Gorga's house in Montville Township, New Jersey, is 13,500 square feet, and rests on 2.24 acres of highly landscaped land.  The six-bedroom, seven-bathroom house, features gorgeous marble floors, high ceilings, massive windows, and multiple chandeliers and fireplaces.  Melissa Gorga's house also sports a fully equipped media room, a stunning spiral staircase in the entry hall, an eat-in-kitchen with a massive island and seating for up to twelve people, and a sitting room with a grand piano.  With styling that can only be described as Baroque, Melissa Gorga's house feels a little over-the-top, but that is somehow fitting for a reality star.  For $3.8 million, you can enjoy a little bit of that lavish lifestyle.

Melissa Gorga House:

Melissa Gorga, like many other reality stars, rose to fame by doing pretty much nothing. The sister-in-law of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast member, Teresa Giudice, and the wife of Joe Gorga, Melissa joined the cast of "The Real Housewives…" beginning with its 3rd season.  Apparently always less than friendly with her husband's sister, the show further highlighted the circumstantial sibling dislike.

For most of Season 4, the two women actually seemed to bury the hatchet, and a modicum of peace reigned between the two families.  Then it all went crazy towards the end of the season, amid accusations of a stripper past, and now no one is speaking to each other.

In addition to the family drama, Melissa Gorga and her husband recently put the house he built for them in New Jersey, on the market.  Melissa has been pursuing a music career for a few years now, and there are insider whispers that this sale of Melissa Gorga House signals a move to the West Coast and more music opportunities, or at least a move farther away from her volatile sister-in-law.  Either way, it is clear that if "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" returns for a fifth season, there are going to be some major changes.

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