Madonna's House: The Larger-Than-Life Music Artist Continues to Downsize…

By on January 9, 2013 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

It's official.  Madonna is downsizing.  After spending literally years, waiting for her townhouse in Manhattan to be finished, she has seemingly decided to fast-track the sale of all of her other properties.  Her Upper West Side condo went on the market in late 2012, and now she is selling her massive Beverly Hills mansion, as well.  The larger-than-life performer is one of the music industry's most successful and enduring artists.  Her chameleon-like ability to adapt to whatever the current musical trends happen to be, has meant that she has won generation after generation of fans.  If she had a nickel for every female artist who listed her as one of their "inspirations", she wouldn't need all of those multi-Platinum albums to keep her financially secure.  Her performance at the Superbowl Halftime Show in early 2012 was the most watched halftime show ever, and more people tuned in to it, than the game itself.  Her most recent album, "MDNA", spawned her 38th Top Ten track, "Give Me All Your Luvin"", and her 2012 tour was the highest-grossing tour of the year.  It is a little strange that she is selling so many properties when she is clearly still very much on top of the world, musically speaking.  However, with Madonna, there is usually a reason for everything, so we'll just have to wait and see what's doing this time.

Madonna's house is 17,000 square feet and sits on 1.17 acres of land.  It is a single-family home with nine bedrooms and 15(!) bathrooms.  She attempted to sell it quietly, earlier this year, but didn't have any luck.  She re-listed it, publicly, earlier this month, and lowered the price from its original $28 million to a slightly less heart attack-inducing $22.5 million.  In addition to the large number of bedrooms and bathrooms, Madonna's house also features two living rooms, a two story dining room, a gym, a "junior" dining room, a screening room, and additional offices for staff.  Outside of Madonna's house there are two guest houses, a tennis court, and a full-size swimming pool.  The whole compound is accessed via a 500-foot drive with massive trees on either side of it.  When it comes to homes, the woman clearly has good taste.  Though there are no pictures available of the interior currently, the property is described as "surprisingly normal", which makes it sale seem all the more odd.

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