Madonna's Home: The $32.5 Million Townhouse That Rock Stardom Bought

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Madonna seemingly burst onto the scene in the early 80s, electrifying audiences with her now legendary performance at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards.  Rolling around onstage in lingerie and a wedding veil, singing "Like a Virgin", she not only brought the house down, but also spawned a fashion craze, and thoroughly cemented her place in music history.  Fast-forward a quarter century, and at 53 years of age, she is still rockin' out.  Her Super Bowl half-time show was one of the most anticipated in television history, and while it was not as controversial (save M.I.A.'s use of the middle finger) as some of her other performances, it was still a quite respectable outing by an artist who has continued to redefine herself, and the music she produces, almost every five years.  Her albums have all been consistently strong sellers, and she has achieved both critical and commercial acclaim.  She is an entertainment force, a businesswoman to be reckoned with, and one of music's greatest success stories.  She also owns a lot of real estate.  One of her most recent acquisitions is a $32.5 million townhouse on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Madonna purchased the four-storey home in 2010, after returning to New York from England, post-divorce.  She immediately set about renovating the massive house to feel more like her former UK-abode, and even added a roof top terrace.  The townhouse, located at 152 East 81st Street, has also undergone extensive security upgrades and though it was originally priced at $40 million, she purchased it for considerably less.  It has 26 rooms, two garages, and a 3000 square foot backyard.  The 26 rooms include multiple dining rooms, a living room, two kitchens, a pantry, a drawing room, two libraries, a sitting room, and 13 bedrooms.  It is a home fit for a rock star and mother of three. While it may not be as controversial and iconic as her early performances, it is definitely a symbol of how far she has come.

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