Kim Kardashian's Home: A $10.95 Million Mansion for the Celebrity Who Does… Nothing

By on March 15, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

More than one person has found themselves scratching their heads over what it is that Kim Kardashian does exactly.  She's everywhere.  It's impossible to go through a day without seeing her on the cover of a magazine, hearing about her on television, or reading about her in the news.  Just this week, she entered into a highly publicized spat with actor, Jon Hamm, after he dared to ask the question on everyone's minds, what is it that she does?  Millions of people tune in to her reality show each week.  Millions of people follow her on Twitter.  Millions of people wait for word of what party she will be attending next, what designer she will be wearing, and who she is dating/marrying/divorcing, this week.  She is like the ultimate popular girl from everyone's high school. Yet, still, that ever-present question, what is it that she does exactly?

The answer to that question is, well, nothing really.  However, she does allow us to follow her around and watch the minutiae of her life – a life that is generally more fabulous than anyone else's.  She is a soap opera in real life, and we shake our heads and mutter about her ridiculous choices, even as we envy the fact that she has so many lavish, ridiculous choices to make.  Our interest in this life we cannot have has made an already wealthy young woman a whole lot richer.  Some of that "user"-generated wealth has recently been channeled into a $40,000 per month rental mansion, valued at $10.95 million dollars.  The highest paid reality star ever is certainly enjoying her celebrity.

Located in Beverly Hills, the 6,680 square foot, four bedroom, six bathroom mansion features limestone floors, multiple patios and outdoor lounge areas, fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, a massive open plan kitchen, high ceilings, and a sort of Asian/Mediterranean aesthetic that gives the whole house a surprisingly chill vibe.  Who knows how long Ms. Kardashian intends to stay there.  Maybe she's waiting for her latest public intrigue to blow over… or for her money, and celebrity, to run out.

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