Just Listed: $80 Million Mansion On St. Barts That Features A Private Nightclub and Two Theaters

By on September 10, 2021 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

A 17,0000-square-foot home that ranks as one of the largest on the island of St. Barthélemy has been put up for sale for an impressive $80 million asking price, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal. The home, known by the spiffy moniker of Villa NEO, has more than just raw size on its side, with features like a nightclub and not just one but two home movie theaters within its walls.

Shawn Elliott of Nest Seekers International is the listing agent for the home, and he told WSJ that if Villa NEO sells for anywhere in the neighborhood of its asking price, the sale will be one of the biggest in St. Barts real estate history, even as property values and high-profile mansion sales have skyrocketed over the last decade.

Scottish businessman Doug Barrowman is the current owner and seller of Villa NEO, having reportedly built the property in 2018 as a vacation home. But now he says he finds himself staying there only "seldom" and that it's consequently time to move on. But the next owner of the home will have a very handsome piece of work on his hands – here's an excerpt from how the property's official listing lays out the case:

"Perched on a private hillside with picturesque views of Saint Jean's bay, Villa Neo is not only one of the largest Villa's in St. Barts, it is also one of the most spectacular homes in the world. A case study in quality, craftsmanship and luxury, Villa Neo is undoubtedly the crown jewel of St. Barts. Neo is impressive and unforgettable in every way, with an ultra-contemporary style that aligns comfort and refinement. Designed with huge facing glazings, vast spaces, stone walls with cascading waterfalls, and floor to ceiling windows that frame unobstructed views of the ocean. No expense was spared in creating this Unicorn villa and that is evident in the premium materials, high-end appliances and luxurious amenities. Every single detail was considered, from the elevator that spans all floors, to the advanced technology that controls the 24 camera security system, av and electronic doors."

Villa NEO was already a unique property from the moment it was built, but recently passed building restrictions on St. Barts have made it even more so, as homes more than 12,000 square feet are no longer permitted. And before being listed for sale, the mansion was reportedly being rented for as much as $4 million per year.

Here's a video tour of the incredible property:

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