Jorge Posada's Home: Retiring from an $11.5 Million Apartment and Baseball

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Though football and tennis have been the primary headline grabbers in the sports world of late, baseball is still managing to snag the spotlight here and there.  Most recently, it is not baseball players' off-season sports activities or practice regimens that have generated interest, it is their real-estate dealings.  New York Yankees third basemen, Alex Rodriguez, became big news, when he sold his Manhattan condo for a $3 million profit.  Now his famous teammate, Jorge Posada, is trying to unload his palatial Upper East Side digs.  What is it with the Yankees and gorgeous Manhattan condos?

Mr. Posada announced his retirement earlier this week.  (Interestingly, his retirement news got noticeably less press than A-Rod's apartment sale.)  Moving on with your life and away from your professional baseball career must be a bit like getting a divorce, so it is only natural that the former Yankee would want to unload some of the trappings of his former career.  However, unloading something this awesome may not be in the retired player's best interest.

Valued at $11.5 million, Mr. Posada's apartment in the very upscale Seville building on East 77th, is spread out over 5,600 square feet.  The apartment was originally made up of multiple units.  The Posada family purchased the other units one-by-one, until their apartment covered the entire floor.  With four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, two dressing rooms, a den, a living room, a dining room, gallery, and laundry room, the apartment is truly massive, and feels more like a multi-floor house than a single floor apartment.  It will be interesting to see if Mr. Posada is able to turn a profit on the sale of his home like his former teammate.  Will the fact that Jorge Posada used to live there equal a quick sale?  Only time will tell.

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