Jennifer Aniston's Home: A $24 Million House for a Star That Keeps Rising

By on January 24, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

The cycle continues. If there is news about Brad Pitt (congratulations on that Oscar nom!), then you can bet that there is news about Jennifer Aniston to follow.  It's like bad luck, or a bad penny, or whatever else follows someone around for years and years.  Or maybe their PR people have some sort of back room agreement.  In this case, the news about Jennifer has to do with the massive new home she just purchased.  Ms. Aniston has been having a fairly good few months, with what appears to be a solid romance, and two hit movies to end out 2011.  She definitely has some things to celebrate.  Her new home in Bel Air is clearly a sign of that celebratory spirit.

Built in the mid-60s, the 8,500 square foot home sports four bedrooms, six bathrooms, another 1/2 bath, and open-plan design.  Floor-to-ceiling windows allow in lots of light, and provide completely clear views of the ocean and the surrounding city.  The substantial two-acre estate also holds a swimming pool, a separate guesthouse, and a private vineyard.  Additionally, the estate has a large area for cars, and a series of walls that afford the owner almost total privacy.  It is the perfect home for a celebrity who is as popular as Ms. Aniston.  Recently restored, the house at 901 Airole Way was originally priced at $24 million, but it was purchased for $21 million.  Not only is Jennifer Aniston having a great year professionally and personally, she's even able to purchase her house on sale!  The only thing that could make 2012 better, is a performance so great that the Oscar nomination will be hers come 2013.

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