Jeff Bezos Pays $78 Million For 14-Acre Secluded Corner Of Maui That Includes A Private White Sand Beach

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A month ago, an outlet called Pacific Business News reported that Jeff Bezos had acquired a property in Maui. Their article didn't contain much information about the home or property, it mainly discussed Jeff's philanthropic contributions to a variety of Maui organizations and the fact that he is just the latest tech billionaire to buy land on the island.

Today, we found a few more details of Mr. Bezos' Maui getaway.

Here are the broad strokes:

  • It's a 14-acre property in southwest Maui overlooking La Perouse Bay
  • The estate is technically seven contiguous parcels of land
  • The seller is a Colorado energy tycoon named Doug Schatz
  • The main house is 4,500 square feet
  • There's a 1,700 square-foot guest house, several other structures and a pool

And, most importantly, the purchase price?

$78 million

My quick googling gives me the impression that is the most expensive home ever sold in Maui.

Another fun detail is the fact that Doug Schatz originally acquired what was then an undeveloped property in 1996 with a group of partner investors. They paid a combined total of $4.2 million for the 14 acres. Two years later Doug bought out his partners and proceeded construct the current structures. Those structures were completed in 2004.

This transaction between Bezos and Schatz was totally off-market. A real estate agent wasn't even used. So there are no listing photos available, BUT! I found some great drone videos of La Perouse Bay on YouTube. And Two of these drone videos offer some great footage of Jeff Bezos' new compound from the sky.

Drone Video #1:

This drone does a perfect pass above Jeff's new property starting around the 3 minute mark and continuing through the 5 minute mark:

Drone Video #2:

Fast forward to the 3 minute 10 second mark. The drone flies right over the property around 3:25. This video also gives a general idea of the beauty of this area:

The Bezos Property Portfolio

This $78 million Maui property is the latest in Jeff's impressive real estate property portfolio. Outside of Maui he owns the following properties:

Beverly Hills: On February 12, 2020, it was revealed that Jeff paid $255 million for two separate properties in Beverly Hills. One property is a 10-acre estate in the heart of Beverly Hills with a 13,600 square-foot mansion. This property cost $165 million. The seller was music mogul David Geffen. The second property was a 120-acre vacant hilltop lot also in Beverly Hills called Enchanted Hill.

He owns two other Beverly Hills mansions. One which was acquired in July 2018 for $13 million, the other which was acquired in 2007 for $24.5 million.

So that's around $300 million in California alone. Which means every year Jeff's California property tax bill comes to around $3 million… for those who claim he doesn't pay taxes 🙂

Washington D.C.: In 2018 Jeff paid $23 million for a former museum that had been converted into a 27,000 square-foot private mansion.

Medina, Washington: In 1999 Jeff and his then-wife MacKenzie paid $10 million for a 5-acre property in suburban Seattle. Six years later they paid $50 million for the mansion next door to create a family compound.


  • 300,000 acres over multiple Texas ranches
  • Three units in a NYC building located at 25 Central Park West
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