Beverly Hills Estate Of Late Romance Novelist Jackie Collins Can Be Yours For $30 Million

By on February 26, 2016 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Kids, if you have ever wondered why mom always slows down when she walks down the book aisle in the grocery store, it is because she knows what is in the pages behind the paperback book covers with half naked men with ridiculously long hair on them. How does she know? Well, because she either has a few books written by late romance novelist Jackie Collins, or has borrowed some from her mom back in the day.

Jackie Collins had a knack for creating passion that could jump off the page for readers unlike any other writer. During her writing career, she wrote 32 novels, all of which made the New York Times Bestseller list, and she sold over 500 million copies. Eight of her novels were eventually made into movies or a television mini-series. Her books were translated into 40 different languages! That is how in demand her work has been.

When your work is in that kind of demand, you are going to make a pretty penny and can afford to buy a 22,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills, one that her estate is now trying to sell for $30 million.

The place is as gorgeous as you would expect a $30 million home to be, with more space than most people would know what to do with that has sort of an art gallery vibe to it, with its two-story gallery foyer, abundance of skylights, and sweeping staircase.

If your son's pee wee football team wanted to have an indoor practice, they could (after moving some furniture, of course).

Like any good home in Beverly Hills, it comes with a media room that will spoil its next owners so much, they will never want to enter a movie theater ever again.

The master bathroom is one of 15 bathrooms in the house. Why so many? Well, with 22,000 square feet of space, you don't want to risk someone getting lost before you can find one!

The master bedroom is one of eight bedrooms in the home, and comes with an incredible balcony that allows you to take in the night air while enjoying an incredible view of the Hollywood Hills.

She once told the The Wall Street Journal that she did most of her writing in one of the two studies in the house. With a view like this, it must have been hard for her not to be distracted.

If she ever wanted to have a romantic dinner outside, she certainly had the perfect location in her own backyard.

Collins had a net worth of $180 million when she died. She somehow managed to keep her stage four breast cancer diagnosis a secret for six years before she passed away last September – even her sister, Joan Collins, was unaware of the diagnoses up until two weeks before she passed away.

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