This $250 Million Mansion Is The Most Expensive Home In America

By on March 23, 2017 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Add this hot property to the list of homes you simply can't afford. But in case you were wondering, the most expensive home for sale in America is this $250 million Bel Air, California, mansion. The man behind the most expensive home currently on the market in the country said he wanted to create the most luxurious abode in the United States – and it looks like he did just that. Developer Bruce Makowsky told The Washington Post, "I saw the opportunity because people spend so much time on their toys – planes, boats, and yachts – but they live in the home 12 hours a day." All of these ideas would come together to create a costly mansion called "Billionaire."

On Makowsky's mission to create a home one would never want to leave, he made sure to include almost every toy you can think of. From fully decorated rooms to a functioning fleet of electronics, no leisure activity is spared from being included in this floor plan. If the $250 million price tag doesn't prove it, scroll down for the glorious details.

Built surrounding Makowsky's vision, the home itself might not be remembered as a traditional Bel Air mansion, but it does have five separate bars. True to the developer's desire to bring the fun and toys to homeowners, "Billionaire" provides plenty of opportunities to play host to large gatherings. Some of the highlights include the spacious bars and the 30 seating areas throughout the 38,000-square-foot mansion, the 17,000-square-foot deck attached to it, and the personalized bowling alley found inside.

Other relaxation amenities include the mansion's massage room, which comes complete with its own masseuse, and a 85-foot outdoor pool that sits below a 18-foot hydraulic television screen that sells new for $2 million. From spa to cinematic tastes, "Billionaire" boasts its own James Bond-themed movie theater that comes intact with over 7,000 pre-downloaded feature films. To enjoy the scenery even more, the mansion has 450 speakers (300 of those outside), over 120 pieces of art collected to hang in the home, and three gourmet kitchens complete with a seven-member staff.

For connoisseurs of another kind, wine lovers will be happy to hear the listing price includes the entire contents of  two separate wine cellars. You read that right – the sale includes 2,500 bottles of wine, including Armand de Brignac champagne from Jay Z and Beyoncé's label. Each bottle of the gold champagne costs $760 alone.

Just when you thought this mansion had everything you could imagine, you were right. The garage and its contents are valued at $30 million-plus. Why? The supersized garage has 12 rare cares, including a 1936 Mercedes 540K priced at $15 million. Keeping the Mercedes company is a limited-edition Pagani, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and a staff member who tends to the vehicles.

Known for his career as a handbag tycoon, Bruce Makowsky not only sells his brands on outlets such as QVC, but also buys and flips high end homes in Los Angeles. As of the writing of this article, Makowsky lays claim to listing the most expensive home for sale in the United States.

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