Demi Lovato Is Having Trouble Selling Her $8.3 Million Home

By on November 8, 2018 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

The Hollywood Hills home of Demi Lovato has become subject to several different strands of bad luck as of late, and TMZ reports they seem to be converging to create difficulties for the artist in her attempts to sell it. That's despite its primo location just above the famous Chateau Marmont, and by all accounts gorgeous views of both Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

Lovato paid $8.3 million for the house back in 2016, investing another $800,000 in "improvements" that are costing her even more money now. She first listed the house a couple months back at $9,495,000, but since then has had to reduce it to $8,995,000, thanks in part to a few minor issues with the property. First, one of those improvements I mentioned earlier consisted of converting the home's garage into a combination "glam room," wardrobe room, and space for onsite security, and now the property has no covered parking at all. Then, there's a security gate that was installed after Lovato moved in that inadvertently juts into public property (TMZ says that there's a city streetlight within the gate), which will have to be fixed either by her or whoever ends up buying the place.

As if those weren't enough problems, there was also a major landslide recently described as having been "right next door" to Lovato's new house. It's reportedly stabilized for now but will remain potentially dangerous until the city of Los Angeles takes the appropriate measures to shore up the hillside to try to prevent additional landslides.

The home is where Lovato's scary, life-threatening overdose happened about three months back, but it's clear that it has plenty of more pressing real estate issues on top of that. You can take a closer look at the 5,564 square-foot, four bedroom, six bathroom estate for yourself in the video below.

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