David Beckham's House: Kickin' It for $22 Million

By on May 30, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

You know you've arrived when the US President makes fun of your underwear ads at a state dinner.  David Beckham rose to fame as an excellent footballer in the UK.  It helped that he had the body and face of well, an underwear model, and that he hooked up with the most fashion forward member of the massively successful pop group, the Spice Girls, but at the end of the day, it was his prowess on the soccer field that won him the most attention.  So, it was with a fair amount of disbelief that he decided to leave the UK football scene, and head for the decidedly less well-respected United States "soccer" scene.  The man and his family received threats of death and kidnapping, in fact.  That's how incensed the British public was with his decision.  Given a ridiculously large sum to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, the family picked up and moved to the US. After an extensive search, they chose to live in a stunning $22 million home in Beverly Hills.  Mr. Beckham recently re-upped his contract with the LA Galaxy, and made headlines when he agreed to a significant salary decrease.  At the same time, he put his $29 million home in England, known jokingly as "Beckingham Palace", on the market.  It would appear that the Beckhams are in the US to stay.

David Beckham's house in Beverly Hills covers 13,149 square feet.  The very large home is made up of six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and sports a ridiculously large backyard with multiple sets of stone steps, ample lawn, and a large swimming pool.  David Beckham's house is Hacienda-style with open courtyards separating each of the wings, and floor-to-ceiling windows in almost every room.  The home has both hardwood and polished stone flooring, and is surrounded by trees.  David Beckham's house in the US is one of a series of properties the couple owns.  With the sale of their UK home, maybe this means that they will be putting one of their two homes in Dubai, and their 15 bedroom chateau in the south of France, on sale too.

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