Daniel Craig's House: No $11.5 Million Penthouse, but an Invite from The Queen for Bond

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When Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz revealed that they had married in a private ceremony, there were more than a few disappointed people out there.  Daniel Craig had gone from relative obscurity to full-blown sex symbol in what seemed like record time, after starring in the James Bond film, "Casino Royale".  His charismatic, sexy, dangerous take on the Bond, a darker and more "broken" version of the spy than seen in previous installments, was a hit with audiences, and catapulted the journeyman actor onto the A-list.  After years of appearing in supporting roles in projects such as "The Power of One", "A Kid in King Arthur's Court", "The Hunger", "Elizabeth", "Some Voices", "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", or award-winning leading roles in independent projects like, "Layer Cake" and "Enduring Love", he finally caught a break.  As the success of his first two films as Bond rippled out into the cosmos, he was able to take on other big budget projects, including leading roles in "Infamous", "Defiance", "Cowboys & Aliens", and, most recently, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".  Most recently, he has been invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London.  He will appear as James Bond during a video sequence entitled, "The Arrival".  He was asked to participate by The Queen.  A personal invitation from royalty is certainly a step up from toiling away as an "under-the-radar" actor just ten years ago.  Along the route of his race to stardom, he has picked up more than a few female fans and a swanky Tribeca bachelor pad.

The $1.9 million, 1121 square foot one bedroom, two-bath duplex was a modest choice for the new star of the James Bond franchise.  Though relatively small, it sports a massive amount of sunlight through a ceiling that is made primarily of glass, and includes a rooftop deck that makes up almost half of its available square footage.  Hardwood floors, modern lines, and a bedroom with one wall made entirely of windows, gives the place a masculine yet light feel.  Word on the street is that after his marriage to Ms. Weisz less than a year ago, he and his new wife were set to pick up an even more "swanky", 4,350 square foot loft in Soho for $11.5 million, but the deal feel through in February.  He's put his old home up for sale, but it looks like it is still his East Coast home for the time being.  Well, if you have to settle for something, this isn't too bad a spot in which to do it, and a personal invitation from Queen Elizabeth probably takes some of the sting away, too.

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