Check Out This $25 Million Star Trek Mansion In Florida

By on June 22, 2019 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

The Star Trek multimedia franchise is famous for the strong devotion engendered by its biggest fans. But few so-called 'Trekkies' can compete with Broadway producer and entrepreneur Marc Bell, who has put his somewhat famous Star Trek-themed mega-mansion in Boca Raton, Florida back on the real estate market for almost $25 million.

From the outside, Bell's 9-bedroom, 10.5-bathroom home looks more or less typical of the kinds of lavish mansions you might find in any ritzy Florida neighborhood. Travel deeper into the house, and you'll find a variety of themed rooms, including a military-style game room, a room out of a fairy tale, and a pirates' lair, perhaps inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at nearby Walt Disney World. But eventually, you'll find the centerpiece of the home: a replica of the famous Starship Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation, that leads to an Enterprise-themed screening room complete with vibrating floors to make you feel all those photon blasts almost like the real thing.

Bell has put the mansion up for sale in the past, but has reportedly stepped up efforts to get rid of the property recently, a process which seems to include pulling out the most expensive memorabilia from the deal in order to lower the price. Still, it would take an awful lot of renovation and remodeling to completely remove the Enterprise from this home, so anyone who ends up buying it will likely have to be – at least – a casual fan of Captain Kirk and company.

If you're just such a Trekkie in the market for a new place, or perhaps just a window shopper interested in some truly audacious design, you can check out a tour of Marc Bell's Star Trek etc mansion in the video below courtesy of Brash by Glam and given by none other than Bell himself. Engage:

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