Celine Dion's Pricey Montreal Mansion Finally Sells

By on March 29, 2016 in ArticlesCelebrity Homes

Celine Dion and her late husband had been trying to get rid of one of their mansions for quite some time. The mansion in Montreal started out as the most expensive home for sale there, at $28.8 million. As one could imagine, there is not a huge demand for $29 million homes in Montreal, so the couple reduced the price to $25.5 million two years ago. As it turns out, the demand for $25 million homes is not much different than the demand for $29 million ones.

However, Sotheby's International Realty in Canada has finally done it. They have found a buyer.

The company has not made public what the final selling price is, just that it has finally sold. For a home as large as it is (24,000 square feet), and situated on an 830,000 square-foot island, they couldn't have dropped the price tag too much further.

Then again, maybe they did drop the price. The most expensive property for sale in Montreal, before Celine Dion's mansion went on the market, ended up going for almost half as much as its original asking price. The sellers wanted $25 million, but had to be satisfied with $13.25 million.

Taking a hit on a property is nothing new to Dion. She couldn't sell the waterpark/mansion in Jupiter, Florida, either. The price tag for it started out at $72.5 million before it was ultimately dropped down to $45.5 million.

Could there be a better place to eat breakfast than this spot right here?

When you custom build your home and you have the kind of budget a pop star like Celine Dion has at her disposal, you spare no expense, on anything. If you want a kitchen that would make chefs in most five-star restaurants jealous, you can have it.

The home also comes with a wine cellar, in-ground pool, and an elevator.

What would a mansion be without a game room that would rival the nicest pub or bar in any city on the North American continent?

As big as the mansion is, you would think it would come with at least a dozen bedrooms and 15 or so bathrooms, but it doesn't. There are only six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

However, when the bedrooms and bathrooms are as big as they are, you can only fit so many in the home.

So – why did they want to get rid of such a large, beautiful, and extravagant home? They just were not using it enough to justify holding onto it.

"The house is being sold because of an intensive performance schedule over the next few years," reps for the couple tell Sotheby's according to US Weekly. "The property is currently underutilized so the family is looking at downsizing into a smaller home."

It has not been the best of years for Celine Dion. In January, her husband lost his battle with cancer, and two days later, her brother was also lost to cancer. After her husband and brother died in January, she cancelled the rest of her shows in Vegas for the month. She didn't return to the stage until late February.

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