Childhood Homes of Celebrities Compared To Their Current Mansions

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Forget the jewelry, private jets and fleet of expensive cars. When I make a ton of money, the only thing I want is an absolutely insane mansion. A jaw-dropping mansion that needs a team of people maintaining it 24 hours a day. A mansion that would make Tony Montana blush with envy. I want a bowling alley, home theater, wine cellar, infinity pool, spa, gym, freaky sex dungeon. You know, the works! Once I have all that covered, then I'll go out and buy a few cars, a nice watch, maybe a couple of DVDs for the home theater. Sure I'd love to own a private jet if that was in the cards. But I'd also be perfectly happy "only" flying first class for the rest of my life if I was going home to my dream mansion.

Celebrities seem to really love buying over-the-top mansions. And when you compare some of these mansions to the humble houses the celebs grew up in, the contrast is pretty incredible, Let's take a look at a few celebrity childhood homes compared to their current mansions.

Rapper 50 Cent spent much of his childhood living in a drug infested war zone in Jamaica, Queens. After his mother died, he moved in with his grandparents in this house. 50 owns this house today and recently remodeled it and a few other houses in the neighborhood:


Up until very recently 50 Cent lived in this 50,000 square foot mansion in Connecticut:


Celine Dion grew up in a poverty-stricken family in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. Her father was a butcher and the family lived above this shop which is a drugstore today:


Today Celine calls this 6 acre, $72 million, Florida compound home:


A Compton home that Dr. Dre once lived in with his mother and step-father:


The $50 million Brentwood mansion Dr. Dre bought from Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen earlier this year:


Eminem famously used a photo of this childhood home on the cover of The Marshall Mathers LP. The house, where Em spent most of his teenage years, was located at 19946 Dresden in between 7 and 8 Mile road. Last November, the abandoned home was damaged by fire and subsequently torn down by the city of Detroit.


In 2003, Eminem bought this 15,000 square foot house in Oakland County Michigan from the former CEO of Kmart for $4.8 million. It's located at 5760 Winkler Mill Rd Rochester Hills, Michigan 48306, but just be warned, Eminem has retrofitted the property into a virtual fortress complete with electric fences and guard booths that are manned 24 hours a day by armed security:


Jay-Z spent his childhood in the Marcy Houses, more commonly known as the Marcy Projects. Located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Jay has frequently described the building as being a very dangerous place to grow up, especially due to the prevalence of crack cocaine dealers and addicts.


Today Jay-Z and Beyonce own several amazing mansions around the world. When they feel like escaping those cold NYC winters, they can head on down to this 8000 square foot, $7 million, waterfront Miami mansion:


Jenny from the block grew up in this humble abode in the Bronx:


Today she has mansions all over the world, including this amazing property in the Hamptons:


The tiny wood-frame home where Oprah Winfrey was born and raised until the age of six has since been torn down. Today the location is a local landmark in Kosciusko, Mississippi:


Today Oprah owns several incredible mansions around the world. My personal favorite is this mind-boggling property in Montecito, California:


Tom Cruise spent several years living in this modest Louisville, Kentucky home:


Today Tom hangs his hat at this Beverly Hills compound: 


Unfortunately, there are no photos of Tyler Perry's dirt poor childhood home in New Orleans. But we still wanted to show you his Atlanta mansion today: 


We couldn't find a picture the home in Dorchester, Massachusettes where Mark Wahlberg grew up with his 8 siblings. Mark's parents divorced when he was young and the family split up. Mark was arrested dozens of times growing up. But don't worry, things turned out OK. Here is the Beverly Hills mansion Mark lives in today:


Just like the song says, West Philadelphia born and raised. We couldn't find a photo of Will Smith's childhood home, but here's where he spends most of his days now:


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