Cee Lo Green's Home: A Modest $3.195 Mansion for a Flamboyant Star

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Cee Lo Green, also known as Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, has been making good music for years.  In the mid-90s, he became part of the national musical consciousness as the youngest member of the Atlanta-based rap group, The Goodie Mob.  The group released three critically acclaimed albums before Mr. Green decided to step out on his own.  His solo career did not go quite as planned, however, and though there were some moments of success, he was ultimately dropped by his label after two albums performed under-whelmingly.  Then, in 2005, he accepted a long-standing invitation from DJ Danger Mouse to collaborate.  The two had become acquainted almost ten years earlier, when Danger Mouse opened for The Biggie Mobb.  Their collaboration, known as Gnarls Barkley, resulted in two popular albums, the first of which sold over 3 million copies, and two hit songs, "Crazy" and "Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)".

In 2010, he shifted his focus back to a solo career, achieving ridiculous amounts of airplay, and an even greater level of stardom, with his catchy single, "F—k You".  He then joined the judging/mentoring cast of the reality singing competition, "The Voice", which places him front and center in many, many homes every week.  He has marketed himself quite well, and in general, is well liked by a wide audience, across multiple musical genres.  However, he has recently come under fire for questionable artists choices on the show, being accused from multiple media outlets for choosing his artists based on their looks, not their level of talent.  Choosing talent, regardless of looks, is the basic tenet of the "The Voice", and should most certainly be applied by Mr. Green.  Though the man is known as "The Lady Killer", this title is not due to supermodel looks.  In order to shoot "The Voice", Mr. Green relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and into the former home of child-star, Frankie Muniz.  Though his choices of clothing, and apparently, females, leans towards flamboyant, his housing choices are relatively conservative compared to his fellow music artists.

The $3.195 million house is being leased to Mr. Green for $10,000 per month.  It sports five bedrooms and four bathrooms, spread out across 4,200 square feet of space.  Located on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, the home also includes indoor and outdoor fireplaces, a massive master suite, a pool and spa, multiple large closets, high ceilings, hardwood floors, and an open-plan layout that is perfect for hosting parties.  While Mr. Green's taste in singing talent clearly has some issues, he is still a 'good Southern boy' at heart, and his choice of a modest home is definitely a reflection of that.

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